Top 3 BEST New Road-Trip Cars of 2020 Counted Down!

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Marcus Walker and Dawn Gibson-Thigpen Posing with Cars on Road
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DriveAndBeDriven joined forces with auto/fashion blogger, Dawn Thigpen, from Simply Sassy Style via an oh-so-exciting Instagram Livestream!

Did you miss it? No worries! Simply click on the thumbnail image to watch it.

To sum it up, in that IG Live, we collaboratively counted down our Top 3 New Road Trip Car Recommendations for 2020. Just enjoy the road, no worries about flying!

Also, as an added bonus, we each handpicked our Top 5 Road Trip Songs. That’s a total of 10 BANGING songs which will surely have you jamming out during your next road trip! ♬

|| Read Simply Sassy Style’s collaborative blog write-up here. ||

41 thoughts on “Top 3 BEST New Road-Trip Cars of 2020 Counted Down!”

  1. I’m really impressed with how well this article is written and how it got me thinking about going on a road trip even though it hasn’t crossed my mind in the past. But I definitely like the hybrid because the less you gotta worry about the car, being the gas or the people in it… the trip becomes 100x more enjoyable

    1. Thanks so much, man! Glad you enjoyed it. I honestly was never really considering road tripping either, but when Dawn presented me with this sweet collab idea, it got me thinking!

      Indeed! Hybrids are definitely superior when it comes to maximizing how far you can travel without having to refuel. Which, in turn, surely makes your trip more enjoyable! Thanks for your insight and support. I have some really cool ideas cooking up in the kitchen. So definitely stay tuned! 🙂

      Also, keep up your music career, bro. Can’t wait for the next single!!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Ghady! I’m so happy you enjoyed this write-up. Can’t wait for your next video to drop this Friday!!! Hopefully, we can collab again in the future. That would be super sick! 🙂

    1. Much appreciated. I truly appreciate you taking the time to read this article. I tried my best to jam pack it with tons of useful information. More content is on its way!

  2. This was a very helpful and insightful blog. I’ve really wanted to take a road trip for my birthday so this helped a lot.

    1. Jeremiah, I really appreciate your support! Glad you found it to be helpful and insightful. That sounds like so much fun! Birthday road-trip!!! Yayyy!

      My dream is to have an RV road trip (with me driving) when I turn 21. That would be so awesome! Can’t wait. Just a couple more years… Haha! Thanks again for your encouragement, man!

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