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Top 3 BEST New Road-Trip Cars of 2020 Counted Down!

Disclosure: This post contains some affiliate links. If you choose to purchase through these links, DriveAndBeDriven makes a small commission, which we’ll totally blow on new filming equipment or fun new car gadgets!”

From exuberant 3-hour jaunts to extensive cross-country treks, there’s a vehicle that’ll work for any occasion on this list.

Are you the adventurous type, but looking for an alternative to boarding a plane amid the lingering COVID-19 outbreak? There’s no need to fret. We got you covered!

Today – by popular demand – DriveAndBeDriven counts down what we believe are 3 of the BEST Road-Trip Cars of 2020! Because, in times like these, traveling via four-wheels may very well be your absolute best bet!

Furthermore, in this article, we will discuss 5 QUICK TIPS that will totally help you choose the IDEAL next road-trip car.

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As an extra bonus, we will sprinkle in 5 oh-so-desirable songs that you seriously NEED to add to your road trip playlist!

Buckle up, grab your GPS, and HERE WE GO!

41 thoughts on “Top 3 BEST New Road-Trip Cars of 2020 Counted Down!”

  1. Pretty interesting read. I appreciated the “bonus playlist,” too. My list would look a little different because of my age! LOL!

    1. Hahaha! Glad you enjoyed the added bonus of the playlist. Don’t age yourself! I’m sure you can still have tons of fun jamming out to these songs. Lol!

      I appreciate you stopping by and leaving a comment. Thanks so much!!! More content is on the horizon. STAY TUNED! 🙂

  2. Very well put together list. I like that you clearly defined the criteria and gave a diverse selection of vehicles. My favorite is hands down the Toyota Highlander.

    1. Thanks, Cameron! I definitely tried my best to disclose the criteria to the best of my ability. I’m so happy that you enjoyed, man!

      Also, yes! The Highlander is such a well-rounded vehicle which makes it ideal for a family road-trip car. Keep up the great work over on your end with the music and with AutoFOCUS! Looking forward to tuning in again soon.

  3. Some good facts. I didnt know that the higher the mpg the better it is on gas. Looking for a car right now and people keep saying mpg levels to me and I always just stare at them confused. But now I know!!! Thanks

    1. That’s what’s mpg means Sam, miles per gallon. So the higher the mpg number is means the further you can drive on a gallon of gas. So if a car gets 30 mpg that means when you drive 30 miles you will use up about 1 gallon of fuel and if a car gets 50 mpg, that means you can drive for 50 miles and use up only 1 gallon of fuel. So if you drive something like a V8 pickup truck or SUV, you will use up more fuel in a shorter distance compared to something like a 4cyl car or crossover. It all comes down to money in the long run. If you want to save money on gas you get yourself something that gets decent fuel economy.

      1. Yes. You are absolutely correct, Anthony. MPG is a handy-dandy little acronym for Miles Per Gallon. You did an excellent job further explaining it for Sam. Thanks, bud!

        Honestly… I’m surprised you know so much about fuel economy considering you own an EV. Lol! Just kidding! ?

        More content is on its way, Anthony and Sam! Stay tuned!!! 🙂

    2. Aw. You’re great! Thanks for being so genuine. I’m so happy that you learned some new information!

      Yes, higher mpg equates to better gas mileage. Glad I could help clear up the confusion that you originally had. Please keep me posted regarding your next car purchase, Sam. I’d love to help out! Stay tuned!!!

  4. I had to comment again because of the facts I learned reading the rest of the post. They discontinued the VW Beetle. Wow. I wonder why, it’s a pretty cute car. And I never knew about a honda insight or hyundai ioniq. Everyone has the same usual ones. What an interesting post I absolutely loved it!

    1. Lol! Consider yourself heartily thanked. Sadly, yes! Volkswagen has discontinued the Beetle. So so sad… ?

      Also, indeed! The Ioniq and the Insight are two less popular, but equally as good hybrid vehicles! I figured to mix it up a bit with some less common options. So glad you found this article to be helpful (times 2). ?

  5. Anthony Innocente

    Marcus, you go above and beyond in everything that you do, you put so much thought and work into everything, you have so much love and passion for cars, you are truly the best out there and nobody comes even close to you in what you do. Keep up the excellent work and you will be very successful in life. Wishing you all the best in everything that you do and accomplish.

    1. Anthony, I cannot thank you enough for your impeccable support! You’re definitely an Ultimate DriveAndBeDriven Driver!!! My appreciation for you is indescribable. Your words of encouragement are very much appreciated.

      I’ll be sure to keep up the high-quality work. No doubt about that! Also, congrats on your NEW car! So glad I could virtually be there during your journey. 🙂 Take care and wishing you all best, man!

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